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Keep your kids safe with summer biking tips

School's out and the kids can't wait to play outside and ride their bikes in the sunshine. Whether biking to the pool or taking an evening spin around the neighborhood, there are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind. Maggie Priesmeyer, Education and Outreach Coordinator, provides some useful tips.


1. Remember your safety ABC's.

“Wear a helmet while riding your bike! Ride on the right side of the road, with traffic. Use hand signals. Obey all traffic laws. Make sure your bike is in safe riding condition by using the ABC Quick Check: air, brakes, chain and quick release. Also, biking is safe and fun! Walk on the sidewalk and cross at intersections.”

2. Stay hydrated.

“Bring a water bottle -- something easy to carry while you walk, and easy to throw in a backpack while you bike. Water bottle holders are easy to install on bikes, and most kids feel cool with one. Some kids might need a friendly reminder to stay hydrated and drink water after a bike ride. Also, don’t skip out on a helmet just because it’s hot out!”

3. Watch your shoes.

“Kids, make sure your shoelaces are tied! They can get caught on your pedals or gears if left long or untied. Try to avoid biking in flip-flops -- you don’t have the support or coverage and it’s difficult."

4. Protect yourself from the sun

"Don’t forget sunscreen! A lot of times people don’t realize how long they are out riding their bike or how much direct sunlight they are exposed to.”

Check out http://www.bikewalkkc.org/families for more safety resources, or if you're interested in hosting one of our education programs, such as BLAST, at your summer camp or program visit http://www.bikewalkkc.org/blast


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