Truman Road compromise moves forward

The Transportation, Infrastructure, and Operations (TIO) committee met yesterday (March 1) to discuss the Truman Road protected bike lanes and a proposed compromise. They unanimously approved a compromise that will remove the bike lane on the north side of Truman Road and will convert the south side bike lane into a two-way cycle track. The […]

Woodland student celebrating Bike to School Day in May 2022

Riding, walking, and arithmetic: Olathe school prepares for 400 new neighbors by getting back to the basics

Woodland Elementary in Olathe, KS faces a challenge: After school traffic jams are a headache, and they are about to get much worse. Their enrollment is projected to nearly double in the coming years with the construction of over 400 single family homes in their attendance boundary.   The new homes are physically close to Woodland […]

Woodland Elementary School Mobility Analysis

Woodland Elementary School Mobility Analysis What: Safe Routes to School arrival/dismissal planning When: 2022 Team: BikeWalkKC Client: Olathe Public Schools Funding: Olathe Public Schools  BikeWalkKC’s mobility analysis for Woodland Elementary incorporated data gathering and synthesis of all of the factors that impact a student’s ability to safely and comfortably walk or bike to school. This […]

Jefferson County, MO Walk Bike Strategy

Jefferson County, MO Walking and Bicycling Strategy What: Walking and biking plan When: 2022 Team: BikeWalkKC, Trailnet, Jefferson County Growth Association Client: The Jefferson Foundation Funding: The Jefferson Foundation  BikeWalkKC – in partnership with the Jefferson County Growth Association (JCGA), the Jefferson Foundation, and Trailnet – crafted the first countywide walking and biking strategy to […]

Services – Community Planning

Services Offered BikeWalkKC provides a wide range of community planning, technical assistance, education, public policy, community engagement programs, and other services. We partner with municipalities, counties, school districts, and other agencies across the Kansas City metro area. Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans. For many, driving a car is not an option. For others, they simply want […]

Work With Us – Community Planning

Work With Us BikeWalkKC is a unique, mission-driven nonprofit organization that provides fee-for-service community planning, education, and policy services. What you get when you work with us BikeWalkKC is not your average nonprofit organization. In addition to traditional fundraising efforts, we incorporate a social enterprise approach to increase our self sufficiency. We offer fee-based services […]