ADVOCACY ALERT: Speak Up for the KCMO Budget!

It’s that time of year in KCMO: budget season! Each year, the Office of Management and Budget releases a proposed budget for the fiscal year, starting May 1. Over the course of about a month, the City Council works with each department and others to shape the budget and determine funding for various priorities before the legal deadline at the end of March. The deadline for this year is Thursday, March 28. You can check out the full proposed budget by clicking here.

The KCMO budget has a critical impact on multimodal priorities for the city, funding everything from staff and equipment to key projects. It represents one of the best opportunities to urge city leaders to support the needs of people who walk, roll, bike, and use public transportation. 

The proposed budget for 2024 is no different. In particular, BikeWalkKC will be advocating for the following:

  • Vision ZeroThe proposed budget increases funding for Vision Zero from $1 million to $4 million, a significant increase. This could be used for safety improvements across the city, and will likely focus on portions of the city’s High Injury Network.
  • Sidewalk and ADA Improvements – There’s also continued funding for sidewalks and ADA improvements from GO Bond funding. That includes $5 million for sidewalks and $2.5 million for ADA projects throughout KCMO. We will also ask the City Council to set aside funding to update the city’s walkability plan, a document which hasn’t been updated since 2003.
  • Bus Service – The proposed budget keeps transit funding at similar levels as previous years, but this isn’t enough to meet the need and reach our broader climate goals. We will urge city leaders to make a greater investment in transit so that it works for everyone in KCMO.

City leaders are planning three public meetings to discuss the proposed budget, and that’s where you can make the greatest impact:

Public Budget Hearing #1 (In-Person)
Saturday, February 24 from 9am to noon
Southeast Community Center
4201 E. 63rd Street

Public Budget Hearing #2 (Hybrid)
Saturday, March 2 from 9am to noon
KCMO City Hall
414 E. 12th Street
Zoom Link

Public Budget Hearing #3 (In-Person)
Monday, March 4 from 6 to 8:30pm
Northland Neighborhoods, Inc.
5340 Chouteatu Trafficway

If you’re unable to attend one of the public meetings, use this link to send a message to the city council.

There’s a number of multimodal elements in the proposed budget. To ensure they get funded, we need YOU to show up and speak out for safer streets.

Support our advocacy work.
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