Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list in BikeWalkKC’s Holiday Gift Catalog

If you rely on your bike for transportation, a flat tire can derail your entire day. You miss your first class of the day because you had to walk to school. Or maybe you’re late for work because you had to wait for the next bus. 

But if you have a bike pump, you can be rolling in no time!

Save the day for one of our students when you shop BikeWalkKC’s Holiday Gift Catalog. With unique ideas for everyone on your list, you can give the gift of safer streets to your loved ones… and your community!

What is in the BikeWalkKC Holiday Gift Catalog?

Here is just a small sample of the unique items you will find

Student uses a tire pump to air up their bike tire. BikeWalkKC's Holiday Gift Catalog.

Bike Pump - 5x

$10 - Our students need their bikes to get to work, to school, and to access resources, and a flat tire could leave them stranded without transportation. Your gift provides one bike tire pump to a child or adult in need.

Person prepares to place large white cones in a traffic-calming installation. BikeWalkKC's Holiday Gift Catalog

Traffic cones

$50 - When neighborhood residents are worried about speeding traffic they are less likely to let their kids ride their bikes or walk to school. Your gift will purchase traffic cones that BikeWalkKC uses for "traffic calming" projects in neighborhoods that want safer streets for walking and biking.

Students stand with their bikes during a Confident City Cycling class. BikeWalkKC's Holiday Gift Catalog

Confident City Cycling Class for 1 adult

$100 - Many adults have not been on a bike since they were kids, or they ride only occasionally. Some are curious about bike commuting to work, or to run errands, but they are apprehensive. Your gift will help an adult learn how to ride on city streets, safely and with confidence. Onsite childcare is available to make it easy for parents to attend.

What does 5x mean?

When you purchase an item marked 5x, you help BikeWalkKC draw down special transportation funding that multiplies your impact fivefold!

That means your $10 = $50 in impact.

In other words, your gift provides 5 bike pumps to our students! 

Even a small holiday gift budget can make a BIG difference when you look for the orange 5x symbol on select items in BikeWalkKC’s Holiday Gift Catalog.

How can I make a gift in someone else’s name?

For the dad who has a garage full of stuff. For the friend who had your back all year. For the teacher that champions walking and biking at your school. Give an extra special gift this Christmas. Place your order to honor a loved one by December 20, and BikeWalkKC will notify the recipient of your generous gift! These gifts aren’t just for Christmas - honor someone “just because” any time of the year, and we’ll let them know how great they are.

Make your shopping count this season with BikeWalkKC’s Holiday Gift Catalog!

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