BikeWalkKC supports the KCMO Transit Sales Tax Renewal 

BikeWalkKC’s mission is to “redefine our streets as places for people to build a culture of active living.” We want a transportation system that gives people options, eliminates barriers, and supports community and individual health. 

Transit is an integral piece of how we make our vision a reality. While biking and walking often serve as the first- and last-mile components of a trip, transit is what enables people to cover the long distance between the start and the end. Transit also has clear benefits for equity, health, economic vitality, and sustainability.

For these reasons and more, BikeWalkKC supports the renewal of the transit sales tax on Tuesday, November 7. Renewing the transit sales tax is important for several reasons:

  • It will enable continued service for those who don’t drive. There are more than 46,000 households in the Kansas City region without a car. There are various types of non-drivers: immigrants and refugees, people with suspended licenses, people with disabilities, people who can’t afford a car, and others. Regardless of the reason, people still need and deserve an efficient and affordable option. 
  • It aligns with our sustainability goals. In the city’s Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan, one of the primary goals under mobility is to “shift trips to transit by building efficient and effective transit systems and mobility hubs.” Transportation is our city’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and we have to do more to help people drive less. Renewing the transit sales tax allows us to maintain and grow the cleaner transportation system we need.
  • It moves us closer to developing a regional transit funding model. Renewing the transit sales tax will send a clear message that transit is here to stay. It will also bolster the efforts of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance and others to develop a strategy for a better funded transit system, one which increases efficiency and broadens the reach of transit to more parts of the region.

Renewing the transit sales tax is an important step to achieve this vision. More work needs to be done to create the transit system that our communities need and deserve. One example is the work of Sunrise Movement KC to put forth a vision for better bus service

The transit sales tax renewal is an opportunity to renew our push for a better Kansas City: one that is greener, healthier, more equitable, and more vibrant. BikeWalkKC supports this measure and looks forward to its success at the ballot box on November 7.

BONUS: Missouri Public Transit Association is collecting stories to share as part of a campaign called "Faces of Missouri Transit." Add your own stories by November 8th and share this link with your friends! Sharing our experiences will grow awareness of the real situations of how Missourians deal with transportation insecurity and lead to greater support for public transit.

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