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ADVOCACY ALERT – Tell KCMO’s new City Council to #ConnectOurTrails

We need YOU to speak at City Hall On Wednesday, August 2 at 9am at City Hall (414 East 12th Street) in support of a Traffic Safety Plan and a citywide Road Diet Analysis. Let us know your interest in testifying and provide us with some important information. If you have additional questions, email us at

New legislation at City Hall can connect our trails and begin crucial efforts to make our streets safer for everyone.

On Wednesday, August 2nd, the City Council will debate and vote on a package of several bike lane and trail connection projects for 2023, including the widely supported connection between Gillham Road and the Trolley Track and Brush Creek Trails.

Mayor Lucas is co-sponsoring the package along with Councilmember Eric Bunch. We know several of the newly elected councilmembers are supportive of safer streets and more trail connections, so we are optimistic. But we need your help to show City Hall that there is strong public support!

How you can help

  • Take a moment to email city leaders a personalized message in support of both measures. Talk about how legislation like this will make it easier and safer for you and your loved ones to walk, roll, bike, or use transit in KCMO.
  • If you’re able, join us at City Hall (414 E. 12th Street) on Wednesday, August 2 at 9:00 a.m. to speak in person for safer streets. Sign up here to speak at the meeting.
  • Finally, encourage your friends and neighbors to speak up. Advocacy is a team sport, and when we show up, we win!

What is at stake

As the new City Council is sworn in, legislative opportunities have emerged to make KCMO a better place for walking, biking, transit, and more. That includes two key pieces of legislation which are headed to the new transportation committee:

  • Ordinance 230613 would advance a Traffic Safety Plan for the city. The plan includes a list of recommended projects, including options to close the gap between Gillham, Brush Creek, and the Trolley Track Trail. The full scope of projects would help city efforts to create a more connected multimodal network.
  • Resolution 230618 would initiate a citywide Road Diet analysis on major streets across the city. A road diet intentionally narrows a street to encourage safer driving. The approach has been shown to reduce crashes by as much as 47%.

Both pieces of legislation are being co-sponsored by Mayor Quinton Lucas and Councilman Eric Bunch. Having their support is critical, but we need to ensure both measures pass the transportation committee and the full Council. That’s where you come in.

With new leadership at City Hall, we have an opportunity to advance key policies to make our streets safer for everyone. Thank you for your help in making that vision a reality.

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