ALERT: Ask KCMO City Hall to Close the Gap between Gillham, Brush Creek, and the Trolley Track Trail.


Update: Enough people have already sent emails to City Hall and we don't need anymore at this time. Thank you to everyone who sent a message and made your voice heard! We will post more details soon.


City Hall is repaving 47th Street/Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard from the Plaza to The Paseo ahead of the NFL Draft, and it is an opportunity to close a dangerous gap between three important city-wide bike/ped corridors.

Closing the gap and connecting the Gillham, Brush Creek, and the Trolley Track Trail corridors will:

  • Improve safety on a dangerous street identified in City Hall’s Vision Zero High Injury Network
  • Complete a citywide corridor from Downtown to Waldo and Marlborough
  • Implement an important project on the Bike Master Plan five-year priority list
  • Give residents safe and seamless connections to jobs and services in the Downtown-Plaza corridor, the VA Medical Center, Truman Sports Complex, UMKC, and Rockhurst. 
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