2022 BikeWalkKC Policy Platform: The Third Quarter Update

We’re three quarters of the way through 2022! The policy team has been working to make progress on the priorities identified in our policy platform in KCMO and across the metro.

Here’s our third update on where things stand:


  • Improving Walkability – Over the last couple of months, BikeWalkKC has been meeting with community partners to learn more about what aspects of walkability they’d like to see improved. We’re continuing to have those meetings and the information we gather will help inform our efforts in 2023. You can continue to follow the city’s work on developing the sidewalk prioritization plan by clicking here.
  • Vision Zero Action Plan – City staff have been working to begin implementing the recently adopted Vision Zero Action Plan. This includes immediate action such as intersection improvements and corridor projects. The adoption of the plan also enables the city to pursue federal funds through new opportunities like the Safe Streets and Roads for All program.
  • Scooters and Public Space – Staff from several communities continue to discuss what policy changes would be best to ensure greater scooter parking compliance. We hope to be able to share more in the fourth quarter.
  • KC Spirit Playbook – The Planning Department has begun publishing portions of the KC Spirit Playbook (if you haven’t already, sign up here for updates when those are released). There will be survey opportunities which provide an additional way for residents to help shape this wide-ranging document!
  • KC Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan (CPRP) – At the end of August, the City Council adopted the CPRP thanks to advocacy and outreach from folks like you. BikeWalkKC is already beginning to have conversations with staff and other sustainability experts about how to begin implementing portions of the plan.
  • Trail Funding – The main update on this front came in September. The City Council adopted Resolution #220702 which directs the City Manager to provide an update on the trail nexus study. Having this information should help leaders better understand the next steps and will help BikeWalkKC determine how best to advocate for those improvements.
  • Midtown Complete Streets – BikeWalkKC has begun meeting with stakeholders and city staff to determine how best to proceed. In talking with stakeholders, it appears 39th Street is ideal.


  • Implement Complete Streets – Work related to Complete Streets implementation continues on two fronts. First, the UG finalized their goDotte Strategic Mobility Plan, which should help the Complete Streets ordinance better align with new and existing transportation plans.
  • BFC Community Workshop – Second, BikeWalkKC participated in the Bicycle Friendly Community Workshop organized by the League of American Bicyclists. The meeting brought together stakeholders across a range of backgrounds and across the region to determine what steps the UG can take to better support active transportation.


  • Build Community Advocacy Capacity – We continued with our Advocacy Training series, hosting AT 103, which explores how to build a winning coalition.
  • Future Investments – Through our participation with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), BikeWalkKC had an opportunity to work with partners to identify key projects to improve walking and biking on both sides of the state line. Through MARC’s Planning Sustainable Places program, there is a finalized list of projects that will support various aspects of multimodal transportation in the coming years.
  • Close the Gap Campaigns – Based on your responses and suggestions, the gap between the Trolley Track Trail and the Indian Creek Trail is of particular concern. We appreciate your feedback and will begin working on how best to push for this gap to be closed.

Suburban communities

  • Complete Streets Policies – There are no major updates on this front. Keep an eye out for an update in the fourth quarter.
  • Pedestrian improvements in Leawood – Following successful advocacy efforts to install crosswalks for pedestrians earlier this month, we’re continuing to work with advocates in Leawood on how to build upon these efforts. One big opportunity in the months ahead will be when city staff begin working to update the bike and pedestrian plan for the community.

Statewide – Kansas

  • Statewide Active Transportation Plan – At long last, KDOT has finalized its statewide active transportation plan! In addition to this exciting development, BikeWalkKC worked with our partners to organize a meeting with KDOT leadership to discuss how they’ll implement multimodal portions of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). This includes work with the aforementioned plan as well as support for local leaders. Check out our rundown of the meeting to learn more.

Statewide – Missouri

  • Distracted Driving Legislation – Missouri remains one of only two states without comprehensive distracted driving legislation. BikeWalkKC is part of a group working to change that. Members of the statewide coalition are beginning to contact state legislators about possible language and how to introduce legislation. We will share more information on specific legislation once we know more.
  • Statewide Active Transportation Plan – BikeWalkKC worked with our partners at MRT and elsewhere to send a letter to MoDOT leadership requesting a meeting to discuss the BIL and the statewide active transportation plan. We hope to schedule a meeting with them before the end of the year.


  • Active Transportation Funding – In mid-August, Congress adopted the Inflation Reduction Act, a major piece of legislation which touches on a number of issues from health care to climate change. While the transportation elements are geared more towards electric cars, there are some elements that will benefit pedestrians and cyclists. The main element, as identified by America Walks, is the the Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant program, which dedicates over $3 billion to infrastructure projects which better connect communities.
  • Decriminalization Efforts – BikeWalkKC is partnering with the Safe Routes Partnership to develop a working group to explore efforts to decriminalize mobility across the country. Our first meeting with the group is scheduled for early November.
  • Complete Streets – We have also been approached for an opportunity to work with the National Complete Streets Coalition on an item related to their updated Best Complete Streets Policy Report. Stay tuned!

2022 will be over before we know it. In the meantime, BikeWalkKC’s policy team will keep working to improve walking, rolling, biking, and transit for people across the region. If you have any questions about this or our other advocacy efforts, please send us an email at policy@bikewalkkc.org

* * *

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