Support federal funding for walking and biking, including Safe Routes to School and Bike Share

BikeWalkKC and our partners have applied for federal grants to support our Safe Routes to School and Bike Share programs. Comments from supporters are important to ensure our grant applications are competitive. Please take a few minutes to follow the links below and leave your comments at the bottom of each web page. 

Comments are due by September 23rd!

Safe Routes to School

BikeWalkKC operates one the country’s largest Safe Routes to School programs, and will soon serve our 40,000th kid since 2013. Federal grants are the primary source of funding this program across three areas; you may add your support by following each link:

  1. Missouri Safe Routes to School program
  2. Kansas Safe Routes to School program

Bike Share

RideKC Bike is a unique public/private/nonprofit partnership operated by BikeWalkKC and local municipalities. Federal grants are important for renewing and expanding the fleet of bikes at more hub locations.

  1. Missouri Bike Share program
  2. KCK/Wyandotte County Bike Share program

Other bike/ped/transit projects around the region

Local governments also rely on federal grants as a primary funding source for things like trails, bike lanes, and public transit. You can browse this list by city or county to see what your own community applied for and leave comments on projects of interest.

Learn more about how federal funds are allocated in the KC region.

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