7 gifts for the biking and walking enthusiast

If you are like us, you dream of coming down the stairs on Christmas morning to find a freshly-poured raised crosswalk, or perhaps a protected bike lane. But infrastructure is hard to gift wrap, so we’ve made a list of favorite gifts for our friends who also love walking, biking, and urban living.

For the snarky cousin who loves to brag about never having to find parking:

Kansas City: Come for the barbecue, stay for the seas of asphalt. RAYGUN made a shirt just for those of us who dream of a better future. And as a bonus, BikeWalkKC receives a portion of the proceeds!

For the handy sibling who always asks to borrow your tools:

Give them a Wera bike tool kit (or an even bigger Wera bike tool kit) from KC Tool, and then send them a link to our monthly virtual Maintain Your Ride classes!

For your friend who wants to be the change they wish to see:

Together, we can do it! A BikeWalkKC membership funds our work in communities, city halls, and state houses to bring safer, more welcoming streets to your neighborhood.

For your coworker who always says, “I could never bike to work…”

Let our e-bikes do the work! A RideKC Bike membership levels Kansas City hills, eliminates morning-commute sweat, and dismantles the barriers that stand in your way to bike-commuting bliss. Email us to request a gift membership!

For the word nerd in your life who wants to take a deeper dive into urban planning, infrastructure, and placemaking, check out these books recommended by BikeWalkKC staff. 

  • Love Where You live - Peter Kageyama 
  • Right of Way: Race, Class and the Silent Crisis of Pedestrian Deaths in America - Angie Schmitt
  • World’s Fastest Man - Michael Kranish
  • Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution - Janette Sadik-Khan

And some local authors:

  • Sitting Pretty - Rebekah Taussig
  • Bikepacking School - Bill Poindexter

Please look for these titles first at your local book shops. If you need to turn to Amazon, try buying through Amazon Smile and BikeWalkKC will receive a small donation for every purchase.

For the neighbor who attends every single public meeting:

The BikeWalkKC store offers apparel and accessories that announce “I support walking and biking” before you even take the mic. 

And for the family who has “everything they could possibly need, and just wants to spend quality time together,” BikeWalkKC’s business partners deliver memory-making experiences:

  • Urban Hikes KC gives you the opportunity to schedule a hike with your loved ones, or purchase a gift card for a future hike
  • Sequence Climb is a big fan of all things walking/biking/transit! You can purchase a day pass for a loved one who wants to give climbing a try, or a punch card for a dedicated climber!
  • Our four-legged friends deserve safe places to play, too. With a Bar K Dog Bar membership, your pooch and people get a full year of access to this special dog park.


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