ALERT: Connect the Gillham cycletrack to nearby trails

Update September 2023: City Hall is finalizing plans to close this gap and we're hoping for an announcement soon. THANK YOU to each person who spoke up in favor of connecting the Trolley Track Trail and the Gillham cycletrack. Advocacy is a contact sport and and team sport! 

The new cycletrack on Gillham in Midtown KCMO ends just short of two regional trail connections, the Brush Creek Trail and the Henry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail. City Hall's new commitment to build 30 miles of protected bike lanes in two years is a great opportunity to close these gaps and create a more connected bikeway network.

Sign our petition the Mayor and City Council asking them to close the gap and connect these three regional bikeways.

Connecting the Gillham cycletrack with the Trolley Track and Brush Creek Trails will have many benefits:

  • A major north/south bikeway from the riverfront to 85th Street connecting Downtown, Midtown, the Plaza, Brookside, and Waldo
  • Better access to the city's central corridor of jobs, retail, and services
  • East/west connections to more neighborhoods
  • Access to the Truman Sports Complex and new Rock Island Trail
  • Connection to the Indian Creek Trail into South Kansas City and Johnson County
  • Multiple connections with RideKC bus routes
  • Leverage of past and recent investments in bike infrastructure to get the biggest bang for taxpayers' buck
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