ADVOCACY ALERT: Comment on the Missouri State Freight and Rail Plan

Deadline of Friday, June 4 to help ensure Missouri’s improvements to its rail system also supports walking and biking!

MODOT is updating the state’s freight and rail plan. One of the central focuses of the plan is to identify “strategies for the transportation network to operate harmoniously across all modes.”

The schedule for the plan can be found below:

You can learn more about the plan by clicking here.

The plan offers an opportunity to push MODOT to more directly align rail improvements with other multimodal changes, including for walking and biking. That’s why we need you to share your thoughts on the plan and how you’d like to see the state better support active transportation.

Take a few minutes to fill out this electronic form and encourage your friends to do the same. Be sure to send in your comments before the deadline on Friday, June 4. You can also take part in this virtual public meeting and provide feedback through Wednesday, June 16.

Not sure what to say? Feel free to modify one of the messages below:

“MODOT has indicated that safety for all who use Missouri’s transportation is the top priority. An important way we can ensure that is by crafting plans which support all modes of transportation, including walking, accessibility for disabled travelers, and biking.”

“If we want to ensure Missouri remains economically competitive, we need to make sure everyone can contribute, regardless of their mode of transportation. This plan must support greater walking, biking, and accessibility for disabled users throughout the Show-Me State.”

BikeWalkKC needs your help to ensure Missouri takes steps like these to build a multimodal transportation system throughout the Show-Me State!

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