Help KCMO Pick a new City Manager

Take this survey to help prioritize infrastructure and ask questions about walking, biking, and transit for the City Manager Finalists!

KCMO is choosing a new, permanent city manager and there are some good opportunities to weigh in very soon. The finalists and their current affiliations are:

Milton Dohoney Jr. – Assistant City Manager; Phoenix, AZ

Janice Jackson – Principal, Janice Allen Jackson and Associates, LLC; Augusta, GA

Kevin Jackson – Deputy City Manager; Long Beach, CA

Brian Platt – City Manager; Jersey City, NJ

The City Manager is a key role in a Council-Manager form of government like KCMO’s. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of City Hall, including staffing the city departments. They are like the CEO of a company, with the City Council being on the board of directors and the Mayor being the board chair.

We have made a lot of progress in KCMO getting better policies and legislation to improve walking, biking, transit, etc. But there are still many barriers to getting these policies implemented and turned into actual paint on the pavement. Many of the barriers involve appropriately aligning the organization and staffing of City Hall to achieve the Council’s stated policy goals.

How can you learn more and get involved in this process?

The City Manager will play a big role in how active transportation develops in KCMO. While we continue to advocate for a separate Department of Transportation as the best thing for Kansas City, much progress can be made if the current structure has the right leadership.

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