How to use the two-stage turn box on the Gillham Road cycletrack

While the new cycltrack on Gillham Road in Midtown KCMO is still a work in progress, it's already heavily used by folks on bikes. The intersection at Armour Boulevard is a little tricky without the planned signage and traffic light changes City Hall has yet to complete. If you are going southbound when the cycletrack ends, it feels like you are getting dumped out into oncoming car traffic. Eventually the cycletrack will continue and meet up with another section south of 39th.

That green box with a bike and turn arrow symbols is the key to executing a two stage turn maneuver.

graphic of two-stage turn maneuver

Diagram courtesy WSP.

How to make at two-stage turn

1. Stop at the crosswalk that goes across Gillham and turn your bike to face the right across the crosswalk.

2. Wait for a green light or walk signal to cross Gillham using the crosswalk (yielding to any pedestrians in the crosswalk)

3. Stop in the green box and turn your bike to face left across Armour Boulevard.

4. Wait for a green light and proceed forward with the other southbound traffic.

Video courtesy Bike Pittsburgh.

Read more about the Gillham Road cycletrack project currently being constructed by KCMO Public Works.



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