Independence teacher delivers bicycle joy

BikeWalkKC is not currently able to accept bike donations due to the Regional Stay at Home order, but we love this teacher’s initiative to bring joy to the families she serves. As part of our series on #SpacesforPeopleKC, we encourage you to share your own ideas for creating a culture of active living in your community.

By Stacy Huffington
Physical Education Teacher at Three Trails Elementary in Independence, Missouri

 After our Earn-a-Bike program at Three Trails Elementary was cut short due to Coronavirus and the Stay-at-Home order, I just couldn’t get my students out of my mind.

The “I wish I had a bike” student.

The  “I can’t wait to ride my bike when I get home”  student.

The “I’ve almost got it” student.

The “I love bike riding but I don’t have a bike” student.

The “Ms. Huffington did you find a bike for me yet?” student.

So I used Facebook to ask my friends, family, neighbors and some pretty awesome strangers to donate any used bikes they weren’t using or their kids had outgrown. Then I enlisted the help of my fellow teachers, and they reached out to their students’ families and asked, “Who needs a bike?”

 So far, people have donated about 60 bikes, new and old (still needing to pick up even more), as well as money to cover supplies. Some of the bikes need small repairs, and some we might need to just use for parts. Along with my husband Tom and my daughters Caroline and Sophia, we clean up the bikes, work on them, and deliver them together.  We are learning life lessons together.

We have dropped off 65 bikes already. It is a great process, and while sometimes it is slow-going, I know that it is helping me get through every day, teaching my own children life lessons and putting a smile on my students’ faces. To see them even from a distance makes my heart happy. We even delivered one to a mom who wanted to keep up with her boys!

 The generosity of people amazes me. I had a friend that I have not seen since college make a significant donation because she just knew it would help. I had a complete stranger see my post on a neighborhood Facebook page and gather friends to donate 14 new bikes. People are great and kind! 

Thank you for your support. Similar to many non-profits and small businesses, BikeWalkKC’s financial sustainability has been threatened by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are able to, please consider making a donation or purchasing a membership for yourself, your household, or your organization. Any amount helps, and we appreciate your support at this difficult time.


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