OurStreets app now tracks basic supplies during Coronavirus crisis

The same app that uses crowd-sourcing to report street hazards like blocked crosswalks is now available to share and find necessary goods like toilet paper and fresh produce. OurStreets Supplies allows users to share quantities of basics and numbers of people in the store, reducing the risk of close contact with employees and shoppers.

On the OurStreets Safe Streets function, users tag illegally parked cars or dangerous driving at specific times and locations, creating a searchable map that helps advocates and city leaders plan for safer transportation. The new Supplies function is very similar, but instead of tracking items for future action, the app allows for real time searching by shoppers hunting for goods that may be in short supply in their neighborhood.

Besides reducing the time and exposure shoppers risk in hunting for grocery items, the OurStreets Supplies function also helps retailers reduce risk to their employees and keep their shelves stocked. Municipal leaders and organizations can use insights into demand and shortages to inform policy and advocacy efforts and help residents get the supplies they need.

OurStreets Supplies is a brand new function on the app, and as we’ve seen with Safe Streets, the more user-supplied data provided, the more effective the app can be. When you download the app and use it on your weekly grocery trip, you are making life a little safer and easier for your fellow Kansas Citians. Learn more about the OurStreets Supplies function and how to download the app here, and get up to date on how BikeWalkKC is partnering with OurStreets to target safer streets on our blog.

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