Tall or small, bike education for all!

We teach a lot of kids how to ride bikes, and that look of pure elation when they finally, finally wobble off on their own power is golden. But the kiddos don’t corner the market on bike-related thrills. We also introduce lots of adults to the joys of active transportation, and whether they are totally new to bicycling, are just getting back in the saddle, and/or want to increase their skills and confidence, that expression when it finally clicks is the same..

Education is a major focus of BikeWalkKC’s work, because we understand that thriving, active cities require more than painting stripes on the road and waiting for bicyclists to appear. Through our programs for adults, we equip people to create their own culture of active living right here in the Kansas City metro.

Through partners like The Whole Person, we strengthen connections with tandem rides for sighted “captains” and low-vision “stokers.” AARP Kansas City inspires action with Sidewalk Assessment exercises. The Johnson County Library and the City of North Kansas City bolster community health with Earn-a-Bike, Confident City Cycling, and Maintain Your Ride classes.

Program participants are driving change in their neighborhoods when they walk or ride their bikes to work or the grocery store: they are improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion. They are saving money. They are making their streets safer for other people. They are improving their own health and happiness. And, many who haven taken our classes are writing their city council person and speaking up at public meetings in support of better biking and walking.

So whether you’re in it for that warm glow of pride in a bike well-pedaled or for the satisfaction of a newly-installed ADA curb ramp, we’re here for you. Stay tuned for new learning opportunities in the coming year– BikeWalkKC is redefining our streets as places for people of every age and ability.

Did you know BikeWalkKC is a member-supported organization? Your membership directly benefits our education and advocacy programs. Become a member and join the movement for safer active transportation in the Kansas City metro!

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