GO KC Sidewalk Program kicks off new phase with public meeting series

Thanks to your support, BikeWalkKC and our community partners successfully advocated for a $150 million sidewalk program that voters overwhelmingly approved in 2017. City Hall is moving forward to implement the program, and there are several opportunities for you to learn more and get involved.

Public Meetings

Learn about the GO KC Sidewalk Program and get your questions answered at three upcoming public meetings put on by KC Public Works. 

All meetings are open 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, with presentations at 6:00 pm.

Monday, August 26th

Kansas City Public Library – Lucile H. Bluford Branch
3050 Prospect Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64128

Wednesday, September 4th 

Gregg/Klice Community Center
1600 John “Buck” O’Neil Way, Kansas City, MO 64108 

Monday, September 9th

Brush Creek Community Center
3801 Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64130

Summer Inspections in Midtown and on the East Side

This summer, the City started its first detailed sidewalk inspection program to inventory conditions and begin prioritizing repairs. The current focus is what they call Zone 2, the area between 20th Street and 48th Street. 

Prioritizing which sidewalks to repair first

While $150 million is a lot of money, it’s only a drop in the bucked towards the $1 billion backlog for repairing all sidewalks and adding sidewalks where they don’t exist. BikeWalkKC and several community partners successfully advocated for a prioritization system that takes into issues like income inequality, transit access, Safe Routes to School, and access to services like libraries and grocery stores. 

Learn more

The Sidewalks KC Coalition

In 2016-2017, BikeWalkKC partnered with The Whole Person, NEAT Northeast Alliance Together, and other stakeholders to form the Sidewalks KC partnership. We analyzed the current situation, made policy recommendations, and advocated for the implementation that City Hall is now doing through the GO KC Sidewalks program.

✅ 1. Develop a Sidewalk Action Plan in order to systematically address the highest priority walkability needs 

✅ 2. Reduce the financial burden on property owners for maintaining adjacent sidewalks 

  1. Explore all potential funding mechanisms for sidewalks and adopt priorities into the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan 
  2. Update the Walkability Plan 
  3. Develop street design standards that represent best practice for walkability.


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