BikeWalkKC staff gives thanks

We have had such an excellent year at BikeWalkKC, and are hearts are full of gratitude. A few of our staff members shared their thoughts about what they’re thankful for both in and out of the office:


Karen Campbell – I’m thankful to be surrounded by people (and one elderly dog) who inspire me, embody their passions, and make me laugh every day. How lucky am I??

Jill Iwanski – I’m thankful to get to hang out with some amazing, yet small human beings and to have a reason to get outside, even when it seems too cold.

Maggie Green – There is so much to be thankful for it’s hard to pick one thing! This year, I am thankful for our ever expanding network of cross-sector partnerships: neighborhoods, schools, other community organizations, municipalities, funders, businesses, etc. who support our work and are critical to our mission of making the region a healthier and more active place to live, work, and play.

Michael Kelley – I’m thankful to have spent the past year forming new partnerships, helping residents advocate for change where they live, working to expand access to alternative modes of transportation, learning more, and making our region a better place for everyone, especially my newborn daughter!

Eric Vaughan – I’m thankful the first protected bike lane in KC.


Liz Harris – There are so many people working hard for the health and vitality of their neighborhoods and communities– I am thankful for all the Kansas Citians who find the time and the strength to lift each other up. And I am so excited that my nieces also love playing outside and riding bikes!

Laura Steele – I’m continually thankful for the continued good health of my family and friends!

Thomas Morefield – Chocolate chip cookies.

Eric Rogers – I am thankful for our awesome BikeWalkKC team who comes to work everyday with passion and dedication to help make KC a better place for everyone who lives, works, and visits here.

Areiona King – Thankful that I get to spend the holiday with my mom, as she survived a major car crash this summer. And, I’m thankful for the committed champions that progress the Walking School Bus forward.

Paige – I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring and dedicated community. And for my cat Zaba.

Glen Rumbaugh – I am thankful for all our friends who donate lovingly used bikes to us so we can bring them back to life and give them to those who need them.  With out their donations we couldn’t do it.

Karl Kraemer – I’m thankful for the people in my life who allow me to live a car-free lifestyle. I couldn’t do it without the occasional long distance carpool, or borrowing a vehicle when work takes me further than I can ride.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! 





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