Support NKC’s Burlington Road Cycletrack

The City of North Kansas City has a great plan to remake Burlington Road into a thriving, sustainable Complete Street and a more inviting front door for the community. A centerpiece of the project is a two-way cycle track that would give people on bikes a dedicated safe place and connect several important destinations.  When completed, the improvements to Burlington will represent the highest comfort and quality bicycle facilities in the region.

The project is up for an important vote Tuesday evening, where the City Council will consider funding for the preliminary engineering for the entire corridor and final construction documents for the first phase of improvements.  Your voice is needed to help show that there is strong public for this ambitious vision. The City Council takes public comment at the beginning of the meeting.

WHAT: North Kansas City Council Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, September 18th at 7:00 p.m.
Where: NKC City Hall
2010 Howell St
North Kansas City, MO 64116

Some suggested talking points for the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting:

  • I support improvements to Burlington Road project and am excited for the bike lane!
  • The Burlington Cycletrack is a great way to connect NKC to Downtown KC, and to connect all of the new businesses and restaurants opening up in Northtown/
  • A bikeable city is good for business. It attracts and retains a talented, mobile workforce
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