Follow the Bike: the Journey of a Donated Bicycle

By Glen Rumbaugh, BikeWalkKC Education Operations Coordinator

Have you ever donated a bike to BikeWalkKC and wondered what happened to it?

It starts in our shop where we clean and check each bike.  Once ready, it’s off to one of our Earn-a-Bike Classes.

During an Earn-a-Bike class, students are taught how to maintain and repair bikes.

Above, one our instructors, Dave, is showing the kids at the Clay/Platte Montessori school how to make adjustments to the rear brake.

Both boys and girls enjoy “wrenching” on bikes!

Each student who participates gets a bike of their own. Do you see the bike you donated?


After all the hard work it’s time for fun: riding together!

We thank each of you who have donated to our Earn-a-Bike programs!

If you have a bike you’d like to donate please contact us at 816-205-7056 or email me at Click here to learn more about our Education programs.

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