60 day jail term for motorist who killed Glenda Taylor reinforces need for vulnerable road user laws

Glenda Taylor was hit and killed on June 7th, 2015 while warming up for the Kansas State Time Trial Championships in the town of Walnut, in southeast Kansas. Last week the motorist who killed Glenda was sentenced to serve just 60 days in jail. He pled guilty as part of plea deal agreed to by the prosecutor and Glenda’s family, but the judge surprised everyone with this incredibly light sentence.

The Hottman Law firm has an extensive blog post about Glenda’s death and the legal process behind the prosecution, plea bargain, and sentencing.

This case is one more example of motorists receiving light sentences for hurting or killing people on bike or foot, who often getting off with just a fine and no jail time if prosecuted at all. Unless the driver is intoxicated, prosecutors and judges are far too often reluctant to pursue vigorous prosecution or impose punishments similar to other killings.

Vulnerable Road User Law
Nine states have enacted vulnerable road user laws to provide additional legal protection for people who bike and walk, and to provide prosecutors and judges with a wider range of tools to use in bringing cases to justice. Neither Missouri nor Kansas have vulnerable road user laws yet. This is an important part of BikeWalkKC’s efforts in Topeka and Jefferson City, and we actively work with our local and state partners across Missouri and Kansas to raise awareness about the need to improve and ensure the safety of people who aren’t protected by cars’ steel boxes.

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