Road builders push back against sidewalk and bike lanes in the infrastructure bond

Debate at City Council about the proposed infrastructure bond has been vigorous. Over the last two weeks they have heard the public’s emails and calls loud and clear. They also received personal testimony from leading community organizations like Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council, MainCor, Mattie Rhoades Center, KC Healthy Kids, Hope Faith Ministries, The Whole Person, and more.

While many of the Councilmembers are very supportive, this week there was pushback from the Heavy Constructors Association, the trade group for large construction companies that wants to spend all of the bond funds on new and bigger roads. They specifically spoke up against using the bond to invest in sidewalks and bike lanes, instead suggesting we pay for those out of the already overwhelmed General Fund.

On the Council itself, 4th District Councilmember Katheryn Shields has been the most vocal opponent of sidewalks in the bond, also arguing for them to be paid for out of the General Fund. Unfortunately there is no money there. That is why today we find ourselves with a billion dollar sidewalk backlog.

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Next Public Hearing

Thursday, December 22nd at 9:30 a.m.
26th Floor Council Chambers
City Hall, 412 East 12th Street

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Tune into the conversation on the radio today

Mayor Sly James will be on the radio this morning, and it’s a great opportunity to ask your questions about how the city’s $800 million infrastructure bond will improve walking and biking. Tune into KCUR’s Up To Date with Steve Kraske at 11:00 a.m. today on 89.3 FM. Ask your questions at 816-235-2888, @kcuruptodate, or


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