Speak up for the Kaw Point Connector Trail in Wyandotte County

Kaw-Point-Kansas-City via Westport Historical Society

Thursday evening the Wyandotte County Commission is considering a project to connect Kaw Point Park with the Riverfront Heritage Trail and the rest of the MetroGreen regional trail system. The Commission is divided, and your support is needed to ensure this important connection moves forward.

The majority of the cost to build this connection is federally funded, but the Commission is divided over spending local funds to match the federal grant. The Kaw Point Connector is an important link in the regional trail system, and is critical for efforts to open the KCK river levees for future trail development.

There is an important Commission meeting this week, and your presence will show elected officials there is strong support for investing in better places to walk and bike.

Commission Meeting
Thursday, September 3rd
7:00 p.m. at City Hall
701 North 7th Street, KCK.

The Wyandotte Daily has a story with more information.

KCK/Wyandotte residents: Email the Mayor and your Commissioners

If you are a resident of of the county, please use this form to send an email to your elected officials:

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