Overland Park City Council funds first phase of city’s new bike network

Overland Park’s new bike plan is set to roll forward this year with the first 20 miles of bike lanes and bike routes. The plan was approved in April, and this week the City Council committed $250,000 to fund the first phase. The Star reports that there was some debate of spending the money, but the Council ultimately voted 8-4 in favor of implementing the new plan.

This is a very good price for 20 miles of bike routes! The city is taking a very pragmatic approach by adding bike planes when streets come due for their normal repaving cycle. Adding bike lanes to repaved streets adds a very small cost. Overland Park spends more than $10 million a year on street maintenance. $250,000 adds a very small incremental cost, and results in significant improvement  for people who bike or would like to bike.

KC Star: Overland Park funds startup of bike plan.

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