Happy Thanksgiving from BikeWalkKC

As we get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, everyone in the BikeWalkKC family wanted to take the time  to thank you for helping make it better to walk and bike around the Kansas City metro area.

BikeWalkKC is working for you to create safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists, provide bicycle safety education to area youth, manage the bike sharing system and make Kansas City a safer and more vibrant place to live, work, visit, and play.

We are thankful for all that Kansas City has to offer and for the great strides we made in biking and walking in the past year. We could not have done all of this without your help and support.



Eric Rogers, Executive Director: “I am thankful for the staff, volunteers, and interns at BikeWalkKC, who put in countless hours to help make it safer for people all around the metro to walk and bike.”

Sarah Shipley, Marketing and Communications Director: “I am thankful for all of our outstanding partnerships, wonderful business leaders, and the community of Kansas City. With strong partnerships we are able to go farther faster and advocate for health and wellness options for all the great people in Kansas City.”

Eric Bunch, Education Director: “I am thankful all the volunteers who help make Kansas City’s streets better for all users.”

Maggie Priesmeyer, Education Programs Manager: “I am thankful for the incredible growth of our education programs: our second bike fleet, our amazing instructors, the great schools and the almost 4,000 students we’ve taught!”

Rachel Krause, Communications Coordinator: “I am thankful for all the business and individuals who support the efforts of BikeWalkKC throughout the year and make it possible to host events such as the KC Women’s Bike Summit and Tweed Ride.”

Eric Vaughan, Operations Manager: “I am thankful for my health, which allows me to keep pushing those pedals everyday! ”

Joe Blankenship, Safe Routes to School Planner:  “I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with BikeWalkKC and the Safe Routes to School Program. I look forward to getting to know Kansas City and its citizens in a new and exciting way while being in a work environment that advocates for healthy lifestyles!”

Joshua Hoffman, Education Specialist: “I am thankful for all the kids who are bravely kept learning to ride their bikes even after many fall and failures. I’m thankful for the hundreds of everyday people around KCMO/KCK who are tirelessly raise their voice for a more just and equitable transportation system.”



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