Shawnee Parks Tax Up for Renewal on November

On November 4th Shawnee voters will be asked to renew the “Parks and Pipes” sales tax that supports parks, trails, and bike lanes in the metro area’s first nationally recognized Bicycle Friendly Community.

The 1/8 of a cent sales tax is up for renewal as Shawnee Question 1 on the Novermber 4th ballot. The sales tax is split equally between park/trail projects and stormwater projects. It has funded eleven park and trail projects in the last ten years, including the first three phases of the Clear Creek Trail.

If renewed, the Parks and Pipes tax would support future projects like:

  • Clear Creek Trail extension
  • Midland Trail extension from Renner to Ogg
  • Shawnee Mission Parkway Trail between Woodland and Barker
  • Additional trail and bike lanes on Shawnee Mission Parkway between Nieman and Turkey Creek

Question 2 – Street Sales Tax
A second question on the ballot will ask voters for an additional 3/8 cent sales tax for street repair and maintence. While this tax will not fund any new on-street bike lanes ,it will be used to improve the overal quality of pavement on Shawnee streets.

BikeWalkKC encourages all registered Shawnee voters to learn more about Question 1 and Question 2 at and to vote on November 4th.

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