Alert – Two Anti-Bike Bills in the Missouri House of Representatives

This week two anti-bike bills were introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives. Both bills would be devastating to Missourians' abilitiy to bike safetly for transportation, recreation, and fitness. They would be serious blows to the hard work that BikeWalkKC, our members, volunteers, and champions have done in recent years.

  1. HJR 68 Amendment: Remove bicycling from transportation funding bill
  2. HB 2279: Bicycle ban on state highways

We need your help to beat back these anti-bike bills by calling and emailing your State Representative today.

Look up your Missouri State Representative’s contact information here. Then email or call your State Representative with this simple message, and copy on your email.

“I support including bicycling in HJR 68, the transportation funding bill, and I urge you to vote against Rep. Paul Curtman’s amendment (5302H02.01F) to remove bicycling from HJR 68. I also urge you to oppose Rep. Korman’s HB 2279 to ban bicycles from certain state highways.”

Also, please consider joining us at the annual Bike/Ped Day at the Capitol Monday April 7th and talk personally with your legislators about these issues. 

More information

1. HJR 68, Missouri Transportation Funding

  • HJR 68 would allow Missourians to vote on a 1% sales tax to fund transportation, and for the first time allow Missouri transportation funding to be use for transit, pedestrian, and bicycle projects.
  • The bill recently passed out of committee and went to the full House of Representatives for debate and final vote.
  • Rep. Paul Curtman from East-Central Missouri has introduced an amendment to removing bicycling from this bill.
  • HJR 68 could be voted on as early as Monday evening (April 7th) or Tuesday.

BikeWalkKC has not endorsed HJR 68. A statewide sales tax will make it more difficult for local communities that rely this funding source for local needs. For example, KCATA bus service, the new streetcar system, a proposed Jackson County regional rail system, and a proposed MetroGreen regional trail district. However, BikeWalkKC does want to ensure that if this  plan goes to the voters, it is truly multi-modal and includes bike/ped/transit. Everyone pays sales tax, and everyone should benefit whether they own a car or not.

2. HB 2279, Bicycle Ban

  • Representative Bart Korman of suburban St. Louis has introduced a bike ban for the second year in a row
  • HB 2279 would ban bikes from state-owned roads and highways when there is a parallel trail within two miles
  • Local roads impacted by this bill would include Bannister Road and 150 Hwy in south KC, 7 Hwy in Blue Springs, and Vivion Road in the Northland.
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