Be careful, sun glare is back again

Shorter days mean more of us are commuting during times of significant sun glare. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe – people who walk, people who bike and people who drive automobiles.

People who walk
When crossing the street, be aware of drivers that are facing into the sun, as they will have a hard time seeing you. Always cross at an intersection, and if possible cross at a stop sign or traffic signal.

People who bike
Pay extra attention to automobiles that are heading into the sun. If you are biking into to the sun, drivers approaching from behind may not see you. When biking away from the sun, drivers coming towards you will have a harder time seeing you. Be sure careful of oncoming cars that might be turning left across your path. If the sun is at your side, watch for drivers coming from the opposite direction.

People who drive cars and trucks
Be extra careful when driving into the sun. Slow down, watch for people walking and biking, keep your sun glasses handy, and use your sun visor. Remember that you are piloting a two ton weapon and act accordingly.

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