City/DOJ finalize ADA settlement

City Hall and the US Department of Justice have reached a settlement on how the City will finally achieve ADA compliance for streets, sidewalks, and public buildings. 43rd Street at J.C. Nichols Parkway The Star reports that the agreement commits the City to making all public buildings fully accessible within three years, and to making […]

Speak up for walking and bicycling in KCK

KCK residents, please take some time speak up for walking and bicycling in the Unified Government's 2013 budget. In January 2011 KCK was the second local city to create a Complete Streets policy to better integrate walking, bicycling, and transit into the community's transportation system. That policy is now becoming reality as the Unified Government […]

Take the CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge in support of BikeWalkKC

Thanks to our friends at the Washington Area Bicyclists Association, you have another chance to take the CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge and raise money to support BikeWalkKC's work to make our region a better place to walk, bike, and live. Each month the CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge donates up to $10,000 to a […]

More bike lanes coming to Southwest Boulevard

Last summer we asked local cities to Put Paint to Pavement for more bike lanes and crosswalks. Over one thousand people sent postcards to their mayors, and this summer two cities are responding to your requests. Southwest Boulevard is on the verge of becoming a truly bistate bike commuter corridor with bike lanes on the […]

Transit access to jobs continues to decline

The gap between jobs and transit is getting wider in Kansas City. Transit can’t keep up with the shift of jobs from city centers to suburban office parks, or with the rise of suburb-to-suburb commutes. Only 60% of metro jobs are located in neighborhoods with transit service, and just 13% of local residents are within […]

Johnson County Transit on the chopping block

The Johnson County Board of Commissioners is considering significant cuts it transit system. A whopping 40% of The JO bus routes are in jeopardy for elminiation. This would devestate transit in the county, just as usage is growing, more citizens are demanding better transit options, and the county received federal grants to begin setting the […]

Federal funding for walking and bicycling slashed

The new federal transportation bill (MAP-21) recently passed by Congress and signed by the President has significantly cut funding for walking and bicycling. This will have a significant impact in Kansas City, just as our region is gaining tremendous momentum to improve walking, bicycling, and transit. Now more than ever we need your help to […]

Michael Forbes Memorial

Michael Forbes was killed by a distracted driver on June 30th near the town of Levasy in rural northeastern Jackson County. The crash is still under investigation as police analyze the driver’s cell phone records. BikeWalkKC is following the case. Matt Maher sent us the following information about a memorial fund and a memorial ride […]