Support Platte County Trails and Parks

Trail and park funding is under attack in Platte County. Please take a minute to let the County Commission know that you support continued investments in trails and parks for the health, vitality, and economy of Platte County.

The Platte County Commission recently rejected a proposal to reduce funding for parks and trails, and now we want express our thanks. Please join us in letting elected leaders know that the public supports investing in the trails and parks that make Platte County communities healthier, safer, and more competitive.

If you live, work, or play in Platte County, please use this form to send an email all three County Commisioners, or keep reading for more information on the funding situation.

Background Information

Line Creek Trail
Line Creek Trail in Platte County

Platte County has a 1/2 cent sales tax for parks and trails that has funded investments in projects like Riverside’s Missouri River Trail, Kansas City’s Southern Platte Pass Trail along NW 64th Street, two YMCA Community Centers, and many more. The county sales tax has been leveraged by partnerships with local communities like Parkville, Riverside, and Kansas City to improve the quality of life for Platte County residents at a very modest cost.

Recently the Platte County Sheriff and County Prosecutor proposed diverting some of the parks tax to offest budget cuts in county law enforcement. Fortunately the County Commission rejectect this idea and figured out another solution to law enforcement funding.  

The Kansas City Star has more information.

Balancing the needs of critical government services in a challenging economy is not easy, and so we applaud the Platte County Commission for its decision. We urge all current and future Platte County leaders to support the parks tax as approved by voters.

Please join us in thanking the County Commision and letting them know that the public strongly supports parks and trails.

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