Tell us your story

From bike joy to near misses, we want to hear all of it! Tell us how walking strengthened relationships or a perfectly-timed city bus saved you from a rainy bike ride home. But also tell us if you feel unsafe walking or biking on the streets: Have you (or the person this entry is about) been hit by a car? Have you been harassed or threatened while biking or walking? Has a loved one been killed while walking or biking?

Have you been the victim of "walking while Black" or other forms of over-policing your movements while walking or bicycling?

Help us personalize the need for safer streets for people who walk or bike by sharing your story.

  • Helps us collect stories in a particular City Council district.
    Let us know if your story is about yourself and your own experiences, or something that happened to a friend or family member.
  • Please share as much as you can about your experiences walking or biking to get around the city. Be sure to explain how you, your family, your quality of life, are impacted. If this story is about a specific crash or other incident, please share as many details as you can about when, where, what, etc.
    There may be situations in the future where your story would be useful to share with an elected official, a policy maker, or another person or family that has experienced injury or death, or experienced the negative results of over-policing or harassment of your movements ("walking while Black"). Please let us know who, if anyone, you might be willing to share your story with. We will contact you to discuss further before talking to anyone else.