Let’s Implement Midtown Complete Streets Plan

Ariel view of a rendering showing a safer design for the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Westport Road

Midtown's had a plan for safe streets since 2018, but it's been sitting on a shelf at City Hall while people are dying on the streets. Sign up to help us advocate for getting this plan built!

In 2018, KCMO completed the Midtown Complete Streets Plan, which identified several possible improvements to make local streets safer and more comfortable for everyone, especially for people walking, bicycling, using wheelchairs, or taking transit. The plan is currently sitting on a shelf at City Hall, waiting for the funding and political will to start implementing the projects.

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Some area-wide recommendations include:

  • Enhanced crosswalks
  • Traffic signal coordination
  • Dedicated signal phases and longer crossing times for people walking and bicycling

39th Street
Southwest Trafficway to The Paseo
Road diet and traffic calming focused on pedestrian and transit safety. Continuous left turn lane to reduce motorist changing lanes to go around cars waiting to turn. A parallel bicycle boulevard would be created nearby using local streets like Westport Road and 40th Street.

Broadway Boulevard
31st to 43rd Streets
Road diet and traffic calming with wider sidewalks and new protected bike lanes. A center turn lane and on-street parking would be retained for motorist safety and to support local businesses, respectively.

Intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Westport Road
Much-needed improvements to make this confusing intersection safer and to create new public spaces for people.

43rd Street
Southwest Trafficway to Oak Street
Pedestrian-focused improvements to make it safer and more comfortable to cross the street and better connect Westport with the Country Club Plaza.

Southwest Trafficway/Madison/Belleview
31st to 43rd Streets
Pedestrian improvements, especially for crossing the trafficway, new left turn signals to improve neighborhood connections, and a new stop light at 40th Street for the proposed bike boulevard parallel to 39th.

Wornall Road
Brush Creek to 55th Street
New sidewalks and bike lanes, improved pedestrian crossings.

Other Streets
Several streets in the area have the focus of other planning processes that are separate but complimentary to the Midtown Complete Streets plan. Those other plans include similar improvements to calm traffic and improve safety for people walking, bicycling, or taking transit. Some of these streets include Gillham Road, Troost Avenue, The Paseo, and Main Street.

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