Connect Our Trails – Close the Gaps

The KC metro's growing networks of trails, sidewalks, and bikeways are still disconnected in many places. We need your help to find out where closing a small gap can have a big impact on connecting people to school, work, shopping, and other destinations.

We are starting with a campaign to connect the new Gillham Road cycletrack to the Brush Creek and Trolley Track Trails (which is now on City Hall's five year plan!), but we aren't stopping there.

Help us find the gaps

Help us identify places in the trail/sidewalk/bikeway network where closing a gap would have a big benefit for connecting neighborhoods, jobs, schools, shopping, services, and more.

A brief 1 sentence description to help us label and refer to your suggestion
Describe where it is, where the missing piece is located, and anything else relevant.
What important connection(s) would be made by closing this gap? What types of destinations would be connected? e.g. schools, neighborhoods, transit, services, etc.
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