Thomas Morefield

816-205-7056 extension 5

With more than a decade of experience working for diverse clients and cities across the nation at a variety of scales, Thomas has developed a multi-faceted perspective on planning and decision-making in the public and private realms. This perspective provides insight into the social, economic, environmental, legal, and political context in which planning decisions are made, and an understanding of how creative and quality initiatives can flourish within these constraints.

At BikeWalkKC, Thomas’ experience leading and managing complex projects, including neighborhood and corridor planning, bike and trail planning, complete street design, transit planning, code and policy drafting, engagement, capacity building, and technical analysis support the mission of BikeWalkKC across the region. Locally, Thomas has been a tireless advocate for great streets and public spaces, including organizing Kansas City’s first Better Block event in 2012.

Thomas served as our Director of Community Planning for five years, and now works with us part-time to provide strategic planning and business development support.