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BikeWalkKC’s professional planning staff offers many educational, professional development, and consulting services to empower citizens, communities, and professionals for excellence in advocating, planning, and engineering.


  • Roeland Park Pedestrian + Bicycle Infrastructure Strategy 
    In partnership with the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and the City of Roeland Park, BikeWalkKC undertook a review of Roeland Park’s Sidewalk Improvement Plan and made recommendations on project priorities to create a network of safe and comfortable pedestrian and bicycle connections throughout the City. The priority projects identified in this strategy focus on creating a network of sidewalks and bicycle facilities that are safe, comfortable, continuous, and that connect important destinations. Click here to view the report.
  • Bike/Walk Friendly Business Guide
    The Bike/Walk Friendly Business guide is a pocket-sized, user-friendly brochure with practical information for how businesses can be more supportive of employees and customers who walk and bike. Businesses that embrace biking and walking see direct benefits to their bottom line through reduced costs, increased productivity, and growing sales. Additionally, Bike/Walk Friendly Businesses enjoy healthier and happier employees, a boost to their brand, and a stronger connection with their local community. BikeWalkKC produced the Bike/Walk Friendly business guide in partnership with LiveWell Johnson County – a program of the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment. Click here to view the guide.
  • Road Diet Guide
    The City of Mission, Kansas was looking for ways to make its primary business street safer, especially for pedestrians trying to cross the street. In the past, a reduction in the number of travel lanes had been considered and rejected because of fears about the impacts to local businesses. Through a partnership with LiveWell Johnson County and the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, BikeWalkKC provided a Road Diet Guide with national research and best-practice case studies for a range of traffic calming strategies, including a reduction in travel lanes. The guide can serve as useful tool for any community looking for ways to make their streets safe and functional for all users. Click here to view the guide.


  • Bicycle Safety Brochure
    BikeWalkKC, in partnership with Children’s Mercy Hospital’s Center for Childhood Safety, co-created a bicycle safety brochure in spring 2017. The Bicycle Safety Brochure is an informational, tri-fold flier that communicates important safety information about bicycling rules and behaviors like proper hand signals, helmet fitting, and lane positioning. It is designed for students and their families and includes content from BikeWalkKC’s premier youth bicycle safety curriculum, BLAST (Bicycle Lesson And Safety Training). Often these posters are hung up the schools’ gymnasiums as a reminder of the importance of bicycle safety. Click here to view the brochure.
  • Safe Routes to School Strategy
    KANSAS CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS: From 2014-2016, BikeWalkKC worked with seven partner elementary schools in the Kansas City, MO School District to support students walking and biking to school, and develop a district-wide strategy to achieve those outcomes. Recommendations included identification and investment in priority safe routes to school corridors, focus scarce resources that facilitate walking and biking to school, and provide broader benefits to surrounding neighborhoods.  Click here to view the report.

  • Bicycle Infrastructure Demand Analysis
    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: BikeWalkKC is assisting the City of Kansas City, Missouri with a demand analysis to identify priority corridors and routes for future bicycle infrastructure investments. BikeWalkKC undertook an analysis of wide range of criteria, including, population and employment density, topography, equity and mobility challenges, transit, and many other factors.BikeWalkKC has combined unique local datasets with the latest research and best practice demand modeling methodologies to provide a data-driven approach to bicycle infrastructure decisions. Click here to view the interactive website and report.

  • Armour Blvd Bikeway Engagement & Technical Assistance
    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: Upon learning the city of Kansas City was planning to use CMAQ funding to repaint fading sharrows on Armour Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri, members of the community reached out to BikeWalkKC staff to provide technical support and design services to make the case for traffic calming and roadway re-channelization. BikeWalkKC worked with Kansas City’s Public Works Department to redefine the scope of the project to include dedicated bike lanes along with a significant road diet. The end result will likely be implementation of the metro area’s first protected bike lane. At 1.5 miles long, it would be one of the longest continuous protected bike lanes in the Midwest. Click here to learn more.

  • CompleteKC | Street Design Guidance and Visualization
    KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: In 2014 BikeWalkKC developed a campaign to build awareness of the community benefits of complete streets. This campaign was coordinated with a BetterBlockKC event to increase visibility and leverage additional community energy. Ultimately CompleteKC expanded and evolved into an online complete street design resource for community advocates and local public agencies based on national best practices and extensive literature review. Click here to learn more.

  • Kansas City BCycle Bike Share System Planning
    KANSAS CITY REGION: BikeWalkKC staff has extensive experience with all aspects of bike share planning and operations, including analysis and mapping of everything from regional demand to local bicycle network optimization. In 2012 the organization produced a detailed implementation plan that led to the launch of the 12 station starter system in downtown Kansas City, MO. Now at 33 stations, BikeWalkKC conducts nearly all demand analysis and expansion planning for a system that continues to grow. In 2014 BikeWalkKC staff produced a detailed plan that outlined necessary steps to expanding access to bike share for traditionally underserved communities. Click here to view the report.

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