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Bikepacking 101- How to Travel by Bicycle**

March 23 @ 7:30 am - 11:00 am

Bikepacking 101 and Bike Overnight course description:

Courses will be broken down in two sections;

Section 1. Bikepacking 101 Saturday March 23rd 730-1130am $50pp

Sections 2. Overnight Saturday April 6, 1p to Sunday April 7, 1pm $125pp

Objective How to teach you to travel the world on a bicycle?

101: This class teaches the fundamentals of Bikepacking (think backpacking-then add a bike).

This will be a hands on class to teach you: proper bike selection, gear choice, navigation, nutritional needs, food prep, simple bike maintenance, water purification, where to camp and why, no trace principles, and much more. Each student will be given a Bikepacking course handbook at beginning of course.

There may be guest speakers-if available.

Class will simulate what it is like to travel by bicycle: We will set up a mock camp, cook breakfast, talk about gear, Bill Poindexter will share real examples from his expeditions. Everyone will be encouraged to participate in experiential learning exercises: Gear check, logistics, route finding, nutritional needs, wilderness ethics, camp outdoor living skills, risk management, first aid, emergency bike maintenance, camp selection, group dynamic will be engaged-so we have good communication with each other for a positive experience. We will end with a typical lunch from the trail. Food provided (let us know if you have any food allergies). Suggestions for gear will be given.

Overnighter: Two weeks after 101 class we will do a Bike Overnight (S24O or sub 24 hour overnight)

We will leave KC location Family Bicycles at 1pm, travel to remote location on route which will simulate multiple examples of backcountry Bikepacking. From the start we will be using all skills needed to be a successful Bikepacker: Gear check, logistics, route finding, nutritional needs, wilderness ethics, camp outdoor living skills, risk management, first aid, emergency bike maintenance, camp selection, group dynamic will be engages, so we have good communication with each other for a positive experience. Each student will be phyically and mentally challenged and will have an opportunity to lead the group.

The route 30-40 miles will be adapted to the groups fitness level. I will show various examples of terrain one may run into while on a Bikepacking expedition -for instance a hike bike section, or short portage’, and various terrain. All very doable. Most importantly we will have a lot of fun! Expect to laugh a lot!

We will camp at location to be determined and cook dinner as a group.

After dinner we will have a debrief sharing our experiences of the day (also a game, inspirational reading, or story telling). The next morning we wake at first light, prepare breakfast, break down camp, and ride back to start point on new route. We will be back to start point by 1pm (But will be open to delays if happens-one of the most important lessons-be adaptable.)

Once back at Family Bicycles we will have course debrief, Certificate of Course Completion will be given.

Please note: To make the experience authentic students will be allowed to bring cell phones or other electronic devices but can only use at designated locations to simulate “no coverage zone. No alcohol or drugs. Good news coffee will be allowed. Copy of health insurance card should be brought to start in case of emergency. Note: To simulate an actual expedition, please note we will be responsible as a group and will assess risk responsibly. Instructor will have a phone incase of emergency, but we will be responsible for ourselves as on many backcountry expeditions it could take days for rescue depending on locations.

Helmet will be required to ride. Dinner and breakfas provided.

Simple amd nutritional. Students will bring own snacks.

Instructor Bio:

Bill Poindexter has extensive bikepacking and backpacking backcountry camping experience. He is a graduate of three Outward Bound Courses: Desert Backpacking and rock climbing 14 days, Desert Backpacking 5 Days, Alpine Mountaineering and rock climbing in the High Sierra’s 22 Days as well as many other backpacking trips. In 2009 Bill started to travel by bicycle, first on the gravel roads of Kansas And Missouri, then to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, California, Baja Mexico, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, BC and Alberta Canada. Expeditions have lasted from 1-45 days. Bill is a CNA, CPR Certified, and has Wilderness First Aid experience, also a Yoga and Pilates instructor, Career Coach, Master Storyteller, as well as a Lacrosse Coach.

Fee for 2 part course will be $175

If you just want to do first part $50.00 but I encourage you to do both parts as full course will be sold out and you may miss your chance!

Please note you must complete first 4 hour 101 course to go on overnight-no exceptions.

All students are expected to be in good physical condition and must be able to ride a fully loaded bike 30 miles-at least two days in a row.

If concerned about fitness level before overnight, Bill will be available to give private expeditionary training rides during weeknights. $25/pp per ride. Also coaching is available. Call if questions: Bill (913)220-1213


Loose Park
5200 Wornall Rd.
Kansas City, MO United States
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