KC Women’s Bike Summit 2015 Schedule

Tentative Program 2015

Interested in speaking on one of these topics? Know someone who is? The KC Women’s Bike Summit is looking for presenters! Apply today.

Topic Session Title Description Style
Advocacy YOU Can Become a Bike Advocate Curious about what you can do to improve bicycling in Kansas City? There are effective ways to work with local officials, city planners and traffic engineers. Learn how to work for change in your city and state.


Bicycle Commuting Bike to Work! Want to ditch the car and ride your bike to work? Curious about running errands via bicycle? Bring your questions and ideas!


Bike & Bus Did You Know the Bus has Bike Racks?! Afraid to load your bike on the bus? Not sure how? Curious how to extend your bike ride? Learn how to load your bike on a KCATA bus, through this interactive demo.


all day demo
Bike Storage & Security Pop, Lock and Drop It! Don’t let storing your bike securely keep you from riding! Find out how others store their bikes at home, work businesses and stores and how to safely lock your bike.


Choosing a Bike What Kind of Bike Do I Want? Choosing the right bike can be difficult and intimidating. This session explains the process of selecting the right bike for your budget, style of riding and guides you to bike shops in KC.


Confident City Cycling for Women Ride with Confidence Learn the basics of bicycling handling skills, lane positioning and riding in traffic with this abridged version of BikeWalkKC’s most comprehensive adult training.


Fashion & Hygiene Fresh and Fashionable Find out how other women dress for riding to work or an evening out and arrive smelling like a rose. What do women need to know about staying fresh? Ask your awkward questions and receive a not-so-awkward answer.


Group Rides Friends are Fun: Riding in  a Group No drop, women only, gravel,  long distance- we can help find the right ride for you. This session also touches on group riding etiquette and serves as an opportunity to connect with riders in your part of town.


Health & Nutrition Whole Body Health on Your Bike One of the greatest benefits of bicycling is health! Explore the specific health benefits of riding your bike and learn health tips about proper calorie intake, fitness cycling, cross training, proper bicycle fit and efficient cadence.


Maintenance Workshop Maintain Your Ride Through this hands-on workshop, learn how to make basic repairs on your own bicycle like fixing a flat, cleaning, adjusting brakes and shifting. Pop in during your free time at the summit!


all day workshop
Riding in all Conditions Rain or Shine! “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!” Learn tips and tricks for riding in the cold, rain or super hot weather including proper gear, outfitting your bike and safety.


Riding Lawfully Your Rights and Responsibilities on a Bike What are the rules of the road? How do laws differ in Kansas and Missouri? In this panel, learn about the laws and your rights on the road while riding a bike.


Riding with Kids Kids as Cargo Pregnant? Have kids? Grandkids? Learn how to bike with young children in various seats, trailers and on their own bikes. Taught by women who do it.


Route Mapping Routes that Work Finding a good route to work, school or the grocery store can be a big barrier to hopping on a bike. This session will explore different methods of route mapping and what apps work on your phone.


Types of Riding How Do You Want to Ride? Hear from a panel of women who ride their bikes in many different ways: racing, transportation, touring, recreational, cyclocross and mountain biking.


Types of Riding (breakout) How Do You Want to Ride? (breakout sessions) Break into small groups for an opportunity to further discuss and ask questions about the different styles of riding a bicycle.


focus groups
Women’s History Freedom on Two Wheels Bicycles are a symbol of sustainable and affordable means of transportation, physical fitness and wellness. Hear about how they also contributed to personal freedom, independence and women’s rights for the last 120 years.