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Update on Southwest Boulevard Bike Route

Check out this photo - bike lanes on Southwest Boulevard!

Despite a mixup at City Hall that caused Southwest Boulevard to initially be repaved without bike lanes, the City moved quickly to fix the mistake. As you can se above, the new paint has already been removed and bike lanes striped between 25th and 27th. Bike symbols and signage should be coming soon, as well as sharrows added to the shared lanes between 25th Street and Baltimore Street.

Curbside parking is still a problem.
The finally step to finishing this project is addressing the curbside parking in the outside lane. Parking is not allowed in the outside lane during rush hour, which means cars can still drive in that lane to the right of the bike lane. This is an extremely hazardous situation that we pointed out to the City during the planning for this project. The curbside parking needs to be changed to 24/7 so that cars are never allowed to drive in this lane. BikeWalkKC has raised the issue again, but in the mean time we urge everyone to use caution as the City finishes this project and drivers get used to the new traffic pattern.

Southwest Boulevard/Merriam Lane Bike Route
Read more about the project to make this entire corridor a bike route.


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