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Kansas City B-Cycle Bike Share Build Night


BikeKansas City B-Cycle is getting set to expand into Westport and the Plaza, and we have new bikes that need to be built to fill those stations!


Wednesday, October 15th, 5:30-8:30 PM

Event Port, 208 W. 19th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

Anyone. We've got jobs for all skill levels so don't be shy. 

Yes, 30 bikes. That's why we need volunteers. Don't worry, we'll feed you. And give you free beer. 


Your Info
In case we need to contact you the day of the event.
Choose your preferred volunteer job.
The good news is that these bikes don't require a lot of different tools, but we will need a few things if you can bring them. We will do our best to keep our tools from mixing with yours but bike wrenches are social by nature and sometimes like to fraternize so please mark anything you bring with your name, professional logo, branding iron, laser engraver, etc. Please don't bring anything else you don't see on this list. We're trying to minimize the co-mingling.
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