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BikeWalkKC hosts Midwest advocates for national training

BikeWalkKC recently had the honor of hosting the Alliance for Biking and Walking's WInning Campaigns training, an intenstive boot camp in planning effective advocacy campaigns. We were joined by a diverse group of advocates from three states. Organizatinos represented included the Topeka Community Cycle Project, KanBikeWwalk, Tulsa Hub, Bike Walk Tulsa, the Sierra Club's Thomas Hart Benton Group, Trailnet in St. Louis, and the 816 Bike Collective.

Some of the campaigns hatched over two and half days include an arts and bike-friendly community space in Tulsa, bike racks in downtown Tulsa, new bike route signage in St. Louis, a distracted driving law in Kansas, and bike sharing in Tulsa. BIkeWalkKC's own plans include a campaign to improve a popular local trail, but you'll have to wait a bit to hear the details.

Our visitors had a great time in KC, including a bike ride to check out some of our new hard-won facilities like the Heart of America Bridge, Riverfront Heritage Trail, and the new sharrows on Southwest Boulevard.


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