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Access limited to Line Creek Trail during expansion project

The Line Creek Community Center access point for the rapidly growing Line Creek Trail will be briefly closed for construction. This imporant part of the Northland Trails Plan and Trails KC is quickly growing south towards the Missouri River.

See the City's construction announcement for details.

It's current length from NW 76th to I-29 near NW 53rd will grow again in the spring with an extension to Vivion Road in Riverside. From there it's a short hop down to the river and to Riverside's levee trail that goes almost all the way to Parkville. The Line Creek Trail also makes important connections to the Platte Pass Trail on NW 64th Street and the Platte Trail trail linking it to Briarcliff. Not only does the trail link many neighborhoods and destinations, it provides accces to some of the city's most scenic terrain. Map of trail projects.

The Line Creek Trail is joint project of KCMO, Riverside, and Platte County. It is funded by PIAC sales tax in KCMO, capital improvements funding in Riverside, and Platte County's half cent sales tax for parks and water quality.


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