Grand Boulevard Complete Street

Grand Boulevard is one of Kansas City’s most prominent Downtown streets, and important transit corridor, a future bike route, and the subject of many plans and studies in recent years. While most of these plans support similar concepts for improving conditions for people who walk, bike, and use transit, there are also important differences that need to be reconciled.

BikeWalkKC supports:

Short Term
Road Diet
Buffered bike lanes
Enhanced transit

Long Term
Floating Parking
Rush hour transit lane
Improve streetscape and crosswalks

Downtown Bikeway Network
Grand Boulevard is the central spine of a new bikeway network connecting the Loop with the River Market, Crossroads, Westside, West Bottoms, and 18th & Vine. As part of the public/private/nonprofit partnership supporting BikeWalkKC’s Kansas City B-cycle system, the City of KCMO committed to invest in new lanes to serve bike share users and all cyclists. We helped the City secured federal funding to deliver on this commitment.

Transit Improvement Plan
The KC Area Transportation Authority has a plan to consolidate Downtown’s north/south bus service on Grand Boulevard, creating a frequent and fast connection from the River Market to Crown Center.

Making Grand Grand Vision
In xxxx the Parks Department created a bold vision to transform Grand Boulevard with cycletracks, widened sidewalks, and new public green space.

Prioritizing public space
As the community continues to place greater importance on livability and safety, these discussions about how to allocate public space like streets will continue to occur. There is no room to

BikeWalkKC supports the City’s short-term improvements:

  • Road diet to calm traffic
  • Buffered bike lanes to provided dedicated space for people on bikes
  • Enhanced transit service and high quality bus stops

As more funding becomes available, BikeWalkKC encourages future improvements:

  • Improved streetscape and sidewalks
  • High-visibility crosswalks
  • Floating parking with bike lanes at the curb, creating a cycletrack and providig physical separation between automobiles and people on bikes
  • Use of the parking lane as a transit-only lane during rush hour, to improve transit service and reliability