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Eric’s interest in pedestrian and bicycle advocacy dates back to his days as a cross country and track athlete in high school and college. His daily runs opened his eyes to the value of human-paced exploration. After college, living in Columbia Missouri, he discovered the power of bike lanes, trails, and good sidewalks as a way to increase our physical activity and improve safety. There he began teaching bicycling commuting skills as a part-time staffer with the PedNet Coalition. Later, he spent some time as an intern with BikeDenver in Denver, CO. And in 2010 he joined the staff of the Missouri Foundation for Biking and Walking, beginning his full-time career in active transportation advocacy.

Now Eric as BikeWalkKC’s Policy Director most of his time is dedicated to increasing public awareness on the topic of active transportation and the built environment. It is Eric’s belief that transformation can only happen by building relationships with community stakeholders and elevating the collective understanding of how streets and public spaces impact quality of life. He attempts to connect the dots between the community’s vision of active transportation to the policymakers who ultimately affect the built environment. Eric serves as the chair of the Kansas City, Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. One of his current projects is SidewalksKC, an initiative to improve sidewalk policy through active engagement of a diverse stakeholder group.


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